Hooves, Paws and Whiskers have been delivering pet sitting services to the Innisfail region since 2014. Our goal is to allow you to have a stress free get away, knowing that your fur babies are being well taken care of.

HPW is a fully insured pet sitting business and all staff have police checks.

So what is pet sitting?

Pet Sitting is when someone visits your pets at home and cares for them while you are away. They ensure that your pet is well looked after by feeding your pets, changing their water, cleaning up after them, playing with them and being attentive to your furbabies behavior or well- being in case of any changes.  HPW love to take great care of all your furbabies, including; dogs, cats, horses, birds,fish, chickens, guinea pigs, reptiles etc.

All clients are required to have a initial interview beforehand, so you can meet your pet sitter and your furbabies are aware of the new person entering their house. This is where you will show your pet sitter around your home and just give out details of what you would like them to do. You will receive a Service agreement form for you to complete,  including any other extra services that need to be performed.

So what are the benefits of having a pet sitter?

Having a pet sitter means that your pet stays in their own secure environment while your away. Being away from your furbabies can be a very stressful time yourself and for your furbabies, the best thing you can do is to leave them where they are the most comfortable at, which is home for them. They will be still in their familiar routine with their familiar surroundings. There is no need to drop off or pick up your furbabies at kennels before and after your holidays, just come on home and they will be waiting.


ABN: 54112286123